The Regions Own: Patti Shaffner is a local Singer/songwriter Mainstay.  Her clear Bell-like tone is soothing and appealing to varied audiences and musical tastes. Jazz, Folk and Musical Theater are among her genres.

  First Runner Up: Acorn Theater Songwriter Competition     July 2015    "I Don't Do Country"

First Runner Up: Acorn Theater Songwriter Competition

July 2015

"I Don't Do Country"

Patti has studied Improvisational Singing with Mistress of Improv: Rhiannon and continues writing songs as spirit moves her. 

She performs Solo, with Her Husband David Cowan and with SongSisters, a folk trio. She has opened for the legendary Michael smith and won numerous awards for her songwriting. Additionally she has been active in community theater for over 25 years and has awards for performance and been recognized for her directing. 



"Blessings" - First Prize Winner


The 17th Annual Great American Songwriting Contest



A Song about Blessings - written for my friend and mentor Kalani Souza


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Featuring SongSisters: Amy Dixon-Kolar and Sue Fink on "Different Eyes"

Patti is a ‘natural’ singer with an understanding of the profound need to express ourselves through our voices. Her own journey into Improvisational Singing has developed over a lifetime of creating melodies, invented language and performing, eventually leading her to venture into jazz and ’scat’ singing.

In 2004 she attended a workshop with Bobby McFerrintitled “Spontaneous Invention” and her horizon of vocal improv expanded . In 2008 completed ”All The Way In”, a master class with internationally recognized Master of Improvisation, Rhiannon.

In addition to performing as a jazz vocalist and solo singer/songwriter, Patti is a member of SongSisters  - along with Sue Fink and Amy Dixon-Kolar - together they combine talents and share harmonies and ideas on stage.  

She coaches others in finding a way to use their voice without fear of judgement and delights in singing improvisational music with others who are learning to let go and move into the moment!

"Ashes to Ashes" an original tune performed together with Waz and Buddy Pearson at Valparaiso University Center for the Arts to benefit WVLP 98.3 FM

Short clip of Patti's arrangement of Lennon/McCartney's "Can't Buy Me Love" - Leandro Lopez Varaday on Piano and Scott Pazera on Bass.