Music feeds me.  I mean that in two ways, at least.  

First and foremost it feeds my soul.  Since I can first remember in my life, there was always singing.  Those who know me well know that it was my father who inspired me.  Every day music flowed from him and I hung on it, floated on it, felt nourished and loved by it.  In time he taught me to sing harmony and we would duet together.  What a gift it has been to have that as a birth place for my own music.   So creating songs and singing them is natural and feels in the depths of me to be an enormous part of what I am here to do in this world. It nourishes me.

Then too

For the better part of thirty plus years music has provided the energetic force of financial support.  Yep - I have been paid to perform, paid for my recordings and paid for my knowledge, skill and experience.  So music literally feeds me, shelters me and provides for me. 

In the Digital Age in which we live, my recordings can reach you in nanoseconds thanks to the vast and far-reaching medium that I am using at this very moment to write this.  Musical Artists can have their music streamed on various conduits such as Pandora or Spotify and a host of others.

We can utilize marketplaces like Amazon Music, iTunes, CDBaby and that ilk to distribute our physical CDs as well as instant downloads. (though I understand that in the near future those will be obsolete while Vinyl enjoys a come-back) 

All this seems a Miracle!  It is....up to a point and here is MY point at last.  The cost of recording and creating music in a format that you - the listener - can enjoy without me sitting in your living room playing for high.   It is no small feat to conceive a song and then bring it to life in a recorded format.

Artists who make their creations available to Pandora and Spotify make in the neighborhood of a whopping $.000054 per stream.  If I sell a download or a CD from CDBaby for $9.99....I make $5.99!  For an International or even National 'Act' that would add up to a lot of money.  For those of us who are Independent  Artists the return is small.  

That said:

I will still create music.  I must.  I will still perform.  I am energized by it. 


I ask you to consider your life without music.  No turning on the radio or steaming through Pandora and such.  No popping in your ear buds to listen to your favorite jams.  No concerts.  Movies and TV with no sound-track to inform you as to mood.   

If you really take a moment to consider that every song you have ever heard was created by the Artist in the person who conceived it, you begin to get a sense of the vast ocean of creativity that is present in our world.   Since we live in a reality where we exchange money for goods and services, let's be willing to pay our artists for their enriching, nourishing creations. 

Buy direct if you can... the Artist makes more. Support as you can.... We appreciate it. More than you know.  

May the Music nourish you too! 

~ patti


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