Yesterday I went to work with some choir students at a local high school on an introduction to improvisational singing.  Text-less and without any preconception of what the end result would be I guided them first into listening to each other in a new way as they all sang one note, then into separate but interlocking melodic lines and harmonies.  I talked about how this type of singing is like LIFE.  We stand in community supporting each other, breathing at different times to allow the sound to continue.  We support soloists with their own ideas to come out and sing over the sound bed created.  As soloists we share our ideas and our own unique sounds and then step back into the circle to become part of the Whole of One sound again.

They enjoyed themselves!  I watched eye light up, bodies begin to move with the music, rhythms and harmonies evolve spontaneously. Trust and confidence seeds were sown. I loved every moment and the time flew past. 


Music is healing.  Music is magical. Music is a vibrational exploration of our existence that is translated and articulated in a way that words alone cannot disrespect for our authors whose works tease our imagination into new shapes...

I only know that when I sing - my life expands - my experience of the present moment is rich inside my cells and all differences slide away.  We become 'one' in those moments of singing and experiencing music together.

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