For many many years I was a solo artist.  I performed with my guitar, covering tunes and writing a few of my own.  I went on to become a jazz vocalist with no guitar to hide behind, only a mic stand and a great desire to explore the pleasures of voice.  As that solo artist I often found myself craving the recognition that goes with being on stage.  At the same time I was deeply afraid of the responsibility that goes with success and so  I kept myself out of the way of both larger opportunities and larger potential disappointments.  I’ll never know whether I could have ‘made it’ in a larger professional context. It no longer matters.  

Where I have arrived is in a place where I recognize how wonderfully healing voice is.  We all have a voice.   Music is wired into our brains in a very real way.  When we sing or speak or even just listen to music we are open to the vibrations that give meaning to our lives.  We are in connection and in community with something much larger than our individual self.  Call it God or the Divine or whatever Name you choose.  It is playful and reverent and sometimes angry and sometimes forgiving.  It is the expression of Truth.  We don’t always have to be happy or joyful or loving.  We have the opportunity through sound to express.  We are in those moments both individual and part of the Whole.  Sing a little song and see how you feel!