Workshops and Classes Available Are:

~ Performance Coaching - Vocal Mentoring

~ Singing In The Circle

~ Singing The Awakened Heart

~ Singing Vigil

~ Improv 101 for Students


Performance Coaching/Vocal Mentoring

Those who desire an opportunity to explore their own vocal creativity will benefit from one on one coaching. We will expand to Performance when and if desire by the student. The focus will be on both speaking and singing vocal qualities and evaluate strengths and areas for improvement. Anticipate a non-traditional approach intended to elicit your untapped potential.

Singing In The Circle

Singing in the Circle is improvisational singing.  No text - no lyrics - no sheet music.  It is about creating in the moment.  It is not necessary to be a confident singer to benefit.  Feeling free and more relaxed while singing with others leads to new perspectives, allowing groups to become more cohesive.

This is a  perfect workshop experience for all types of singers: Students, Choirs, Self-proclaimed ‘Non-singers’, Aspiring Singers and Professional Singers as well as Groups and Organizations with a desire to connect with each other for a greater sense of community and cooperation.

  Singing the Awakened Heart

The human voice is an amazing tool for healing. Take this opportunity to learn how to create your own unique healing sounds.  You will also be introduced to overtone techniques and chants.  Allowing yourself to listen and feel into your own body with sound will take you into the journey of awakening your Heart and your own voice.

Participants should wear loose clothing and bring a blanket or mat to lie on.

   Singing Vigil

This four hour workshop will give you an opportunity to learn to sing in a group with the focus on ‘giving back’ to those in transition.  The transition may be one of leaving the body - or traveling the path of difficult change - or recent trauma.  Begin learning the skills that will allow you to listen with deep intention - to be present - to blend with others and to find the healing sounds and songs that are ‘in the moment’.  Chants, rounds, toning and songs will be touched upon in addition to improvised song.  Each participant will have the opportunity to receive song as well as to give song.

  Improv 101 for Students

The Crown Point Indiana High School Choir Class learn the basics of Improv Circle Singing

Students in High School, Choirs, Groups and Organizations can learn basic listening skills as well as spontaneous invention of vocal song.

Improv Circle Singing teaches students about working in community and new ways of listening. This is so fundamental for our children.

“You can’t do it wrong! You can make different choices, but you can’t do it wrong!” is the mainstay of this class.

I can come into the school during class hours as a resident artist/teacher or set up specific workshop time and space.